Kaman's Advantages

Revenue With No Cost
Over the years, Kaman's Art Shoppes has developed a reputation among our clients as a positive revenue-generating operation. The investment to you is minimal as we incur the cost of running the operations. We pay for the supplies, signs, props, building renovation as well as employee training, benefits, wages and taxes necessary to establish and maintain our business at your venue. There is no additional cost to you.

Quality And Experience
You can be confident that your organization will be well represented by our quality merchandise and well trained staff. Over forty-five years in the business has made it possible for us to acquire the knowledge to manage the best art and photography concessions in the industry. Our operations provide consistent year over year revenue and we are always looking for ways to grow our business.

Managing our operations is truly a team effort. Our management team actively communicates with employees throughout the organization. Responsibility begins with the owners, and builds within an effective network of Regional, District and Park Managers.

Key Managers monitor every aspect of our performance and visit all of our locations on a regular basis. This effort builds a positive working relationship with our staff and allows management the opportunity to meet personally with our Clients.

It is not unusual to see our highest level managers out in the parks, working side-by-side with their employees; greeting customers, sketching, taking photos—actually creating the products we offer!

Our veteran Managers have earned their titles in the field. Each carries an impressive résumé that includes not only the creativity needed to produce our products, but also the hands-on business skills that keep our operations running smoothly each and every day of your operating season.

At Kaman's Art Shoppes, we pride ourselves in running highly effective and hassle-free operations!  

In House Fabrication

Creativity does not end with our well-trained employees and basic services rendered. We understand the critical role that high quality, colorful theming and presentation can play in generating interest and attracting customers to your storefronts and displays.

Kaman's has recently invested in a substantial upgrade of our in-house design and fabrication capabilities to produce attractive signage, displays, cabinetry and booths. Our "on-the-road team" can also remodel existing structures at your park! We will be happy to work with your creative teams, sign shops and design departments from initial concept through fabrication and installation.

Below are some recent stands we designed and built from concept to completion: